Will the Popularity of Keto Continue in 2019 or Has it Peaked?

It’s no surprise that each year we see a spike in interest around the ketogenic diet at the beginning of the year. One of the top New Year’s resolutions involves health improvements like eating better and working out.

With the increasing popularity of the ketogenic diet in terms of mentions online and the proliferation of low carb products, I predict we’ll see another spike in interest in January 2019.

Here’s a GoogleTrends chart showing the increase in interest over time for the term “keto” since the beginning of 2017.

Search trend graph for the ketogenic diet
Source: GoogleTrends

Why Was There a Spike in Interest in Keto in the Summer?

Will the New Year’s diet spike eclipse that summer 2018 peak? I’m not quite sure what drove it. Dr. Eric Westman tweeted about the increase in ketogenic conferences, speakers, and attendees in 2018. There was a Low Carb USA event in San Diego at the end of July that had many of the top low carb and keto thought leaders like Westman, Eenfeldt, Taubes, Phinney, Volek, Ede, and others. Might that event and those like it driven rise in interest or was it something in the news? I’ll update this analysis next year.

Happy New Year! And if you’re making healthier food choices in 2019, may they be a part of a new way of eating and not just a temporary diet change.

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